Working Papers

  1. On the Use of Mobile Power Sources in Electric Distribution Grids under Endogenous Uncertainty. With P. Dehghanian, J. Sun, D. Anokhin.
  2. Risk-Averse MEDEVAC with Exogenous and Endogenous Uncertainties. Submitted. With F. Margot, A.D. de Oliveira.
  3. Quasi Second-Order Stochastic Dominance Model for Balancing Wildfire Risks and Power Outages due to Proactive Public Safety De-Energizations. Submitted. With J. Su, S. Mehrani, P. Dehghanian.
  4. Profit-Based Unit Commitment Models with Price-Responsive Decision-Dependent Uncertainty. Submitted. With P. Dehghanian, W. Ma.
  5. Drone-Delivery Network for Opioid Overdose - Nonlinear Integer Queueing-Optimization Models and Methods. Submitted. With W. Ma.
  6. Distributionally Robust Portfolio Optimization under Copula-Based Wasserstein Ambiguity. With Z. Fan, R. Ji.
  7. Survival Optimization Models for Cardiac Arrests. With. D. Anokhin.