Working Papers

  1. Chance-Constrained Programming with Service Decision-Dependent Uncertainty: A MEDEVAC Application. Revised and resubmitted. With F. Margot, A.D. de Oliveira.
  2. Distributionally Robust Optimization under Decision-Dependent Ambiguity Set with an Application to Machine Scheduling. In revision. With N. Noyan, G. Rudolf.
  3. Data-Driven Distributionally Robust Chance-Constrained Optimization with Wasserstein Metric. Revised and resubmitted. With R. Ji.
  4. Data-Driven Optimization of Ambiguous Reward-Risk Ratio Measures. Revised and resubmitted. With R. Ji.
  5. Optimal Power Flow (OPF) Models with Probabilistic Guarantees: A Boolean Approach. Revised and resubmitted. With P. Dehghanian.
  6. On the Use of Mobile Power Sources in Electric Distribution Grids under Endogenous Uncertainty. Submitted. With J. Sun, D. Anokhin, P. Dehghanian.
  7. Spatiotemporal Data Set of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests. Submitted. With J. Custodio.
  8. Distributionally Robust Portfolio Optimization with STARR Performance Measure. Submitted. With R. Ji, G. Fan.